Waffle-Waffle Won't Waffle On Widening Your Waistline

Waffle-Waffle, a new dessert restaurant & cafe in Tokyo, serves up so many types of delicious waffles you won't want to leave... but when you do, take home a 10-pack!

One doesn't see much evidence of obesity on Tokyo's busy streets and subways, but that may be about to change. Waffle-Waffle le Fruitier is serving up waffles the likes of which few Belgians - or anyone else for that matter - has seen, smelled or tasted. They also pack gift boxes of 6 or 10 filled waffles so you can get the whole family hooked.

Waffle-Waffle's waffles are designed to travel well, being formatted like classic sandwiches that have the gooey stuff on the inside, so as not to stick to the box or bag. They WILL, on the other hand, stick to your ribs: get a caloric load of these flavors:

  • Strawberry & Green Tea
  • Chocolate Caramel & Apricot (above)
  • Muscat of Alexandria & Pure Lingonberry
  • Chocolate & Banana & Macadamia Nut
  • Passion Fruit & Cranberry
  • Mango & Blood Orange & Cherry
  • Tea & Apple (with Earl Grey and Darjeeling tea)


And there seem to be many, many more flavors, some with distinctive traditional Japanese ingredients. As mentioned, Waffle-Waffle offers a range of take-out boxes one can fill with 6 or 10 waffle flavors of their choice. They also offer their waffle-y wares online through Rakuten at prices ranging from 1,700 to 3,700 yen (about $20 to $40) for several lip-smacking waffle & pastry assortments.

If you're in Tokyo, don't waffle - hustle on down to Waffle-Waffle and be sure you arrive with an empty stomach. (via Gigazine)

Jun 24, 2010
by Anonymous

Come to the US please

Set up shops in the US as we have none like this anyplace Yes only Belgian waffee diners only.

Pls Come West to the US & Canada.