Wagner Offers The Ultimate Custom Ski


I hate to say it, but the Wagner skis are actually smart. The reason I hate to say it is because I'm typically against gadgets in skiing and snowboarding. They just complicate and geek up an otherwise fun, natural experience. Just enjoy the snow and sun, dammit; it really doesn't matter how fast you got down the bunny hill.

But with all of the less intuitive ski gadgets out there--an LCD monitor in your eye or a whole digital ski coaching system in your boots and ears, for instance--it's nice to see something with a minimal footprint. Instead of integrating a gadget into an imposing place, Wagner integrates its electronic monitoring in the most logical place: the skis themselves. The company's vLink sensors monitor you during your ski day and measure your movements on the X, Y and Z axis. The skis measure your performance in such ways as speed, turn radius and imbalance. 

And Wagner's intentions are far more pure than most ski gadgets'. Instead of just trying to sell you an overpriced, underused hunk of gadgetry so that you can windbag about what a great skier you are, Wagner uses the data pulled by its vLinks to design the perfect pair of custom skis. You see, you use the vLink-equipped skis on a test run and Wagner builds your actual skis based upon the computer read-out and an in-depth questionare that gets more personal than the sensors can .

So without ever having to solicit a sponsorship or win a national competition, you get a pair of skis designed to carve and flex for you and only you. Of course, the You ski doesn't come cheap: retail price is $1,800. But considering you could torch more money for some foofy skis branded after a car, that price isn't too bad in the grand scheme. 

The Colorado-based company also makes custom snowboards. 

Wagner via Wired