Wake N’ Bacon Alarm Clocks: When Ringing Won’t Do The Job

What is the Wake N’ Bacon Alarm Clock?

The Wake N’ Bacon is an alarm clock that is mysteriously designed to do other things, namely; to wake up the user with the smell of freshly cooked bacon. Made out of wood and shaped like a pig, the Wake N’ Bacon Alarm Clock is guaranteed to get any bacon-lover out of bed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every morning.

How does the Wake N’ Bacon Alarm Clock work?

All that’s required is that the user place a frozen strip of bacon into the Wake N' Bacon Alarm Clock. (Do not put eggs or toast inside, even though you may be tempted to do so beyond all reasoning.) The strip of bacon will begin cooking about 10 minutes before the alarm is slated to sound. The smell of bacon sizzling coaxes the sleeper from slumber instead of a loud banging in his or her former brain.

What other features does the proposed Wake N’ Bacon Alarm Clock offer?

Some of the other features offered by this amazing alarm clock include the “calendar aware” option, which knows not to go off on weekends and holidays and the “presence aware” option, which will only activate when the pressure on the bed indicates the presence of one person.

Who created the Wake N’ Bacon Alarm Clock?

Matty Sallin of New York created the Wake N’ Bacon Alarm Clock and the idea is included in a collection of the very best of Make Magazine. Sallin claims that the Wake N’ Bacon took him five days to make and cost him $90 US dollars. It is said that he might consider making these alarm clocks for interested parties, but he does not state that on his web site. For now, bacon-lovers must find solace and contentment with what could be in a sizzling, crisp, high cholesterol utopia and not with what is.

Sweet, bacon dreams and who knows?

Maybe someday the Wake N’ Bacon Alarm Clock can be yours!