Wald International Modifies the GT-R

It comes as no surprise that as soon as the Nissan GT-R hit the streets, people wanted to customize it. The only real issue was the very limited number of things you could do without voiding the warranty or illuminating a check engine light. Since a body kit won't void the warranty, that's where many people are looking, which is why Wald International has released their version of the GT-R.

Wald International is an aftermarket parts company that specializes in accessories for higher end luxury vehicle brands. However, after seeing how much attention the R35 was getting, they decided to partake in the festivities. I think it is safe to say that their presence was more than welcome.

The challenge came in that they wanted to change the look of the vehicle without sacrificing the already exceptional aerodynamics. To accomplish this, Wald designed a full body kit that worked hand-in-hand with a new set of racing wheels and a carbon fiber front lip, nose and engine cover and spoiler.
The kit also includes a custom performance exhaust system that will give the twin-turbo V6 a more aggressive sound and free up a few horsepower. The exhaust is the only real driveline upgrade that is included in the package.

There is no official price or details of availability yet, but Ward has said that such information will be available soon.

Source : CarZi