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TrekDesk TreadmillTrekDesk Treadmill

More and more we are leading sedentary lifestyles. Technology is making it easier to accomplish tasks with minimal physical effort, and we are seeing our bodies develop bad posture, pack on the pounds and become more prone to injury and illness. Enter TrekDesk. Give your sedentary schedule a energetic boost with this treadmill desk.

The TrekDesk isn't an actual treadmill. It is an integrated desk system that attaches to most treadmills and allows you to walk (or run, if you can do that while shuffling papers) while you work. The Surgeon General recommends we take a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. This equates to about 5 miles of walking. Yet most Americans walk less that half of this recommended minimum. 


This lack of activity--this sedentary lifestyle--leads to a myriad of health problems including weight gain, hypertension, high cholesterol and a decrease in functional strength. With TrekDesk, you can walk, while working, for as little as three hours to achieve the minimum recommended daily step count. And you can set your treadmill at a pace that won't get you all sweaty. Just imagine a very long, leisurely walk to the coffee shop. 

Imagine being able to maintain an active lifestyle in your inactive job. This is what TrekDesk promises. And this active lifestyle can lead to many improvements in your physical and mental well being. You can lose weight, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes, reduce your risk of certain types of cancer, strengthen your immune system and reduce stress, among other things. 

Work And Walk On TrekDeskWork And Walk On TrekDesk

The workspace on TrekDesk measures 72 by 34 inches and supports 55 pounds of equipment (the desk itself weighs 57 pounds). There are two cup holders, so if you actually take that trip to the coffee shop, you have a place to put your beverage while continuing to be active. TrekDesk also includes a manuscript holder, a three level file holder and a telephone stand. The desk adjusts to users between 5'4" and 6'4". That doesn't mean if you're 5'3" you can't use it; it just means the desk may not be the ideal height for you. 

If TrekDesk sounds like something that would benefit you or a friend, you can order one online from Amazon. If you're an active member at your gym and don't have motivational problems when it comes to staying active then you probably don't need TrekDesk, though if you like staying active, it may still be something fun for you. However, if you find it hard to get to the gym or suffer from health problems related to your sedentary lifestyle, TrekDesk may just be a life saver, literally. 

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