Walk on Water with Waterwalkerz

Surely at one point in your life you've wanted to walk on water. Who hasn't. While you may not possess any messiah-like ability to throw off your flip flops and walk out to sea, there's no reason you can't experience walking on water with a little helping hand from Waterwalkerz.

Looking like a cross between a hamster ball and a zorb, Waterwalkerz are large, Thermoplastic polyurethane balls that engulf your body and allow you to stand, walk and run on water. The two-meter balls can be used in bodies of water as small as an eight-foot-long pool. While they may look about as rugged as a plastic shopping bag from your local grocer, they are designed to be durable enough to work on a rough, pebble-encrusted beach.

That's the good news about fulfilling your dream of walking on water. The bad news is that the Waterwalkerz will set you back a startling $710. And you'll only get 30 minutes of run time before hanging out in a big, plastic ball becomes as dangerous as you learned it would be when you were a kid and cuts off your oxygen.

Via: Gizmag

Jul 8, 2009
by Anonymous

Seen in 007 movie

Bond used this after parachuting to offshore rig in Diamonds are Forever.
Nice rig.
Must have for Rentals.
& for BIG swimming pools.
Or use on
lakes, rivers, beaches.

Mass produce this big time.

Sales & Rentals with SeaDoos, Hobie cats, Wetbikes, parasailing etc.

Test at HI.