Walk Your Way Through the Summer In Innovative Eco-Flip Flops

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I love flip-flops. I know flip-flops are not good for the feet, but in my opinion neither are toe constricting high heels or sneakers. Flip-flops are easy to put on and fresh air can also circulate the feet and help them stay cool during the summer. So, in dedication to an eco- friendly summer here are a few flip-flops I found intriguing.


Bamboo, Cork and Dental Floss Flip Flops

via ebayvia ebay


This eco pair of bamboo, cork and dental floss flip-flops is being sold for $235. The top of sandals (were the foot touches the shoe) are handmade with chopsticks, found in the dumpster of a local restaurant, and dental floss. The dental floss is used to sew the chopsticks together to the sole of the shoe.  The bottom of the shoe is made of recycled cork cut out of a pin-up board and the straps are made from an old Jansport bag.


Foldable Flip Flops To Go

via Floc Designsvia Floc Designs


Sometimes it is just nice to take off your shoes and put on a pair of flip-flops isn’t it? Unfortunately, flip-flops are not always easy to travel with. At least they weren’t. These flip-flops fold in half for easy portability and are made of recycled tire rubber. They can easily be folded, placed in their 100% organic cotton storage bags and used for every flip flop need/emergency


Grassy Flip Flops For Happy Employees

via www.responsesource.comvia www.responsesource.com


Krispy Crème isn’t all about doughnuts. In 2008, to keep their employees happy Krispy Kreme created a flip-flop with a little nature inside, 5,000 blades of grass to be exact. The grass takes up to three weeks to grow, If the grass is watered the grassy can be kept in season four about 4 months.


May your feet have a wonderful and relaxed summer in a pair of eco-friendly sandals like the ones above or any eco-friendly on the market today. Be daring and make your own. There are plenty of DIY flip-flops articles and videos online. Whatever you do recycle your flip-flops when they have reached the end of their flipping life and keep them out of the oceans and landfills.