WalkCar Pocket-Sized Personal Transporter Is On Its Way

WalkCar Personal Transporter: World's first "car in a bag" set for 2016 releaseWalkCar Personal Transporter: World's first "car in a bag" set for 2016 release


The world's first portable transporter small enough to fit in a knapsack is almost here. It's true. A laptop-sized people mover designed for personal transportation is said to be ready for shipping come spring of 2016. Officially, these futuristic skateboards are called the WalkCar, but they really do look like a laptop. The lightweight aluminum boards are the creation of Kuniako Saito of Cocoa Motors out of Japan, and they come in an indoor and outdoor version. Due to its size and portability, Saito is calling the lithium battery-powered transportation device the world's smallest electric vehicle that can be "brought in a bag."

Electric Cars

The WalkCar will weigh between 4.4 and 6.6 lbs. (depending on indoor or outdoor models) and can carry loads up to 265 lbs. while reaching speeds of 6.2 mph for distances of 7.4 miles. After that, you'll need three hours of charging time before you're ready to hit the road again. While all this is extremely cool, one of the best features of this space age vehicle is the fact that you'll never look for another parking space again as long as you've taken your WalkCar. Imagine never circling another parking lot in search of the best space and being able to pop your "car" in a bag once you reach your destination. It's oh so George Jettson.




Alternative Transportation

The developers of this new people mover say it's super easy to operate. All you have to do to start it is to step on it. After that, much like a skateboard, you lean your body in the direction you want to go and you can operate the WalkCar at will. Shifting your weight changes the direction and stepping off of it will bring it to a complete stop. Cocoa Motors envisions multiple applications for the design in the future beyond an individual riding it, such as the ability to push wheel chairs. Saito also feels confident that his car in a bag goes beyond previous forms of alternate transportation like the Winglet from Toyota or the Segway, both of which are bulkier in design and cannot be stored so easily.


Kickstarter Campaign

The inspiration for this fun and creative transportation system stems from Saito's engineering studies concerning the motor control systems of electric cars. At the prompting of a friend, Kuniako Saito decided to try his hand at a portable design while pursuing his master's degree. It was also an opportunity for the twenty-six-year-old entrepreneur to show the world that innovation is not just limited to the United States. From here it is just a matter of beginning a campaign on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. That's where interested parties will be able to place an order for the WalkCar beginning in the fall of 2015. Orders are said to begin shipping in the spring of 2016. The question is: will you be ordering one?