Walkie The Talkie - An App That Pays You To Use It

It's great having a smartphone, until you get the bill. Then you find yourself wondering whether it would be better to pay it, or eat this week. Often, the decision goes in favor of losing weight.

Okay, so maybe you're not a writer.

Still, it does cost at least a couple of bucks a day to operate a smartphone. So, when an opportunity comes along to not only cover those costs, but to make you some more on the side, with that very smartphone, why wouldn't you jump at it?

That opportunity is here.

Just out of private beta, Gigwalk gives you jobs to do with your smartphone while you're out and about, and then pays you for them. Not tough jobs, either: take a photo of this, generate a map of that, check out the service there - simple stuff that you may have done in your own time anyway. You get a few bucks for each thing you do, so if you do one 'Gig' a day, your plan is more than paid for.

Alternatively, you could try turning Gigwalking into a job. Reports are that some people made thousands of dollars a month during the beta phase, which is a lot more than you usually get for spending your time checking things out.

And of course, if you're a business, or just someone who wants to know what's going on somewhere else, then you have hordes of people waiting to be at your service. And it'll only cost you a couple of bucks!

Now for the fine print: 1) You'll need an iPhone to do this for now - keep an eye on their site or follow them on Twitter if you want to know when you can use your platform; 2) They currently only need Gigwalkers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, South Florida, New York City, Boston and Philadelphia - ditto Point 1 to remain updated; and 3) Expect your payment through PayPal, within about a week of your 'Gig'.

Here's the promo vid: