Walking Wings Help Your Baby Take Off

A baby’s first steps are precious and exciting, but working up to them can be very challenging for both the baby and the parents.  Babies usually have lots of tumbles, tears and tense moments along the way.  It can also take quite a toll on the parents’ nerves.  To top it all off, your back feels like it is going to break when you are hunched over your baby for the 100th time that day, holding his little fingers while he proudly toddles around the room.

To take the strain off your aching back and give your little one more stability you may want to try out some Walking Wings.  This device basically wraps around your baby’s upper torso, over her arms and is attached to two long straps that the adult uses to support the baby. 

The walking wings offer several advantages over the conventional method of walking assistance.  They allow the parent to stand upright during the process.  They save the baby from having his little hands and arms tugged on.  In addition, there is a greater sense of freedom and independence that comes from not having anyone directly holding on.

The straps are adjustable so that parents can fine-tune them to accommodate different heights and the cotton vest, which comes in blue and pink, is padded for extra comfort. (Buy here)

Source: UpSpring Baby

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