Walkstation: Transforming American Workplaces From Sedentary To Active!

With exercise and employee well-being becoming a greater focus in many workplaces, a new company has released something that allows those who typically work at a computer to multi-task in a way that's for their own greater good, and that of the company that they work for. This concept isn't a business idea per say - but it's definitely worth mentioning because it might just set a new trend for workspaces of the future.


Those of us who work on computers tend to sit at desks hour after hour, day after day, week after week; and, despite how active we might be outside of our work lives, remaining virtually immobile for 8-10 hours a day can take a toll on our health. Sure, we may stretch our legs during our lunch break and take a walk around the block, through a food court or meander through a shopping area, but the impact is on a very small scale compared to all of the time that we  spend on our butts.

To address the growing concern over health and physical activities for those that sit for a living, the Walkstation has been created. Essentially, it's a treadmill with a workstation that is fully adjustable so that as employees exercise, they can also be working on their computers in comfort. Of course, no one has to spend all day on it; staff at various companies can rotate, and get in a half an hour or hour workout before returning to a seated work area, and those that are really serious about their health can walk their way to greater fitness and greater accomplishment on the job!

It's a great idea in theory, though it might not play out as well as hoped if actually rolled out in workplaces across the country; and just think what these Walkstations would do to what we know now as "corporate casual".

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Nov 7, 2009
by Sparrow

Workers Comp

Workers Comp insurers are going to love this one. 3 weeks off with pay while I recover from my broken face from tripping into my desk, while jogging while working on that memo the boss wanted a 4th revision on.

Nov 7, 2009
by Anonymous

Not Practical

Typing and even clicking a mouse requires a certain amount of stillness and precision - unless you walk slowly enough that you can keep your wrists firmly planted on the desk, this won't work. If you could use one of those mini trackballs that fit on your index finger like a ring and avoid the keyboard altogether, that might work best. Or, if the work only requires touch screen inputs and the screen is positioned very close to you, that would work.

Speaking of workplace health, I've always thought computer workstations should be designed to be easily and rapidly height adjustable (like a very long version of a pneumatic chair lift), so you could spend part of your day sitting and part standing, whenever you prefer, to avoid back strain and injuries. Not to mention being able to micro adjust for people of differing heights while seated.

Nov 8, 2009
by Anonymous


Talking or reading is the easy part, you could do that while running at full speed, but interacting with a keyboard and mouse requires your hands to be somewhat stationary. I guess the keyword here is WALKStation - whenever I think of treadmills I think of iPod-clad people trotting or jogging with their arms swinging from side to side, working up a sweat, not just walking in place. That's why I said you'd have to go slow enough to plant your wrists in order to use the keyboard, otherwise you'd be wavering all over the place. But in a workplace scenario you wouldn't be going nearly as fast and hard as if you were in a health club or gym trying to get a proper workout.