Wallets2Wear: Stash Your Cash Fashionably When You Don't Have a Purse Or Pockets!

There's nothing more annoying than hoing for a night out on the town and having no place to put your cash or your door key! Over the years, we've seen many of options that provide women with inconspicuous ways to keep their important items on board that also happen to be fashionable. A new competitor has entered the world of cash toting fashions and their alternative is pretty boho-chic!

offers beaded bracelets with a large enough for cash, credit a key, and a piece of identification for those gals lucky enough to get carded in the clubs. You'll be safe from pick-pockets and simply look like you're toting a carefully selected chic accessory! 

Fashion that's also functional; does it get any better?

Via: TrendHunter