Wall-Mounted Grill: Great for Treehouses and Raging, House-Engulfing Infernos

So here's a product that instantly sparked my interest: the Sigmafocus grill, a grill that's manufacturered to be mounted to an outside wall. The grill is designed for those with tight spaces that don't have room for the full grill set-up.


So once I got over my awe at how cool this oversized ashtray would look on my own pad, I started to realize how very little use there is for such a contraption. Besides the obvious flaw here (i.e. walls are often made out of wood and hanging lighter fluid, hot charcoals and flame on a wood wall is probably not recommended [or allowed] by most fire departments), there's a couple of other reasons that very few would ever buy one:

 A.) People with houses (i.e. dwellings where you can drive bolts into your exterior wall) usually have at least enough space in their backyard to fit a small grill. Those that could most benefit from a compact, self-closing design are those that live in apartment or condominium complexes. And those complexes tend to have big, bold-faced rules about BBQ grills and leaving massive holes in the walls. 

 B.) Seeing that this was posted on BornRich and that the item appears to be a special-order item, it stands to reason that it carries a hefty price tag. And individuals that tend to buy overpriced, novelty cookware tend to have sprawling mansions with acres of property and room for massive outdoor kitchens.

Perhaps there's an apartment complex or two in Manhattan or other wealthy apartment neighborhoods around the world that allow grills and don't mind a few holes in the wall, but outside of that, I can't see this being particularly useful to anyone. Regardless, it looks downright bitchin'. 

The grill is self-closing and includes a metal plate that protects the wall from damage. The ash tray underneath stores ashes so that you can grill several times before cleaning it out (though you might not want to leave hot ashes hanging from the side of your house, protective plate or not). It comes with a number of BBQ tools and can be used with charcoal or wood. 

Focus via Coolest Gadgets