Wallpaper* Design Awards 2010: The Interior Design Winners, Part 2

Sure, you can get a list of the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2010 anywhere.  But you want to see the designs, not just read their names on a list!  So, we've gathered them for you.  Focusing on the best interior design awards, here are 11 more winning furniture designs in part two of two....


1.  Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Outdoor Lighting: Chilone Terra, by Ernesto Gismondi for Artemide

Brushed steel rectangular poles bend like egrets, graceful despite their angularity, to light up a dark path.  Chilone Terra make a romantic statement in a very modern style. LED lighting, in three heights.




2.  Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Table: Achille, by Paolo Armenise and Silvia Nerbi for L’Abbate, from Twentytwentyone

A Carrara marble top perched atop an interesting ash wood base of the typology used for building roof trusses makes a stark table design.




 3.  Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Sofa Bed: Sofabed, by Harri Koskinen for Bergen Design

Nice and clean lines on this beautiful and obviously functional sofa bed.





4. Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Storage: Hillside, by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Arflex

Very cool for any room from garage to modern living room, the Hillside is a storage unit that can be used to mount a small entertainment system. 




5.  Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Coat Stand: Signs, by Big Game for Karimoku and Isolation Unit

Karimoku is a top Japanese design house with a motto to match its stature: ‘If using a 100-year old tree, create furniture worthy of its age’ (ref). Signs' quality wood-working is obviously matched by its clever design. The hinged coat hanging panels pop back to "attention" when not in use.



6. Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Sofa: Sloped Arm, by Calvin Klein Home

Actually, both sofa arms are sloped, elegantly, just like the matching chairs.  Calvin Klein Home.




7.  Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Rug Graphics: Tube Rug, by Tom Dixon for The Rug Company

If there is anyone out there who remembers the TV color tests that would occasionally flash on the screen just prior to a program's start... that color test is what is said to have inspired Tom Dixon's fascination with the repetition of color hues in his rugs for the Rug Company.  The Tube is just one of Dixon's experiments with color and shape in rug design.  Tube is made in Nepal with Tibetan wool. (Referenced)




8. Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Side Table: Stump, by Pierre Charpin for Ligne Roset

The solid Carrara marble Stump table is carved in one piece with polished bevilled edges.  Neat as a bed side table, but don't bump your head getting up in the morning....




9. Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Vase: Doubleface, by Florian Hauswirth for Postfossil

Perfect symmetry in a ceramic base and cherry wood vessel, the base serves as a flower's water bowl so that the wood can stay dry.  Change the water by removing the base.  Though the Doubleface vase won the Design Award for Best Vase, the Fruit Bowl, shown with the Vase below, is an equally thoughtful and lovely design, including a detachable bottom that can be used as a cutting board.




10. Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Table Bench: Table Bench Chair, by Sam Hecht, for Established & Sons

Designer Sam Hecht got the inspiration for the Table Bench Chair from certain bench seating on one of the Tokyo's Metro lines: the Yamonote line.  Established & Sons proposes the beechwood and oak multipurpose bench for gallery seating and reception areas to promote maximum user enjoyment.




11. Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Stool: Tatit, by Toni Kauppila for ND

These multifunctional stools were inspired by Finnish and Japanese bathing stools. The taller Tatit has a weighty, round bottom, which allows you to change your center of gravity, as in leaning forward, without leaving the stool.  Additional reference.


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