Wallpaper Your Windows With Versatile Gecko Adhesive Textiles

You know about the gecko. It can climb any smooth surface at any angle with the best climbing boots in the world -- its own feet.  Création Baumann, the renowned, proudly extravagant Swiss innovator of textiles, has named its latest product GECKO for a good reason. It sticks to smooth, shiny surfaces, like mirrors and windows, and it can lift its sticky "feet" to stick again somewhere else.

Yes, the GECKO fabric can be used several times, and it does not leave a residue on your glass surfaces.  It is hung just like wallpaper, except there's no glue, no cutting, or any mess.  It's precut. And you can hang it yourself.

My favorites are the GECKO In A Box creations which are now available in two patterns, Coleo (leaf pattern) and Favo (hexagonal pattern), in a few transparent colors. Their individual cuts make them perfect for experimentation.

Here is the Coleo pattern on display...





... and the GECKO In A Box Favo design.






Their presentation is surprisingly compact.



The Favo hexagon is actually four different pieces.  Think of the fun you can have with that!



GECKO Laser Quadro is one of the continuous sheet patterns available, cut to order.  Isn't this a glorious glass wall?



This is the GECKO Laser Centro, a maize of circles and diamonds...




These are the loveliest wallpapers for windows I've seen.  If you would like to see more brilliant textile designs and applications, visit Création Baumann.


via Architonic.com