Walmart’s Get On The Shelf Update: The Voting Has Begun!

The inventors have entered their awesome new gadgets, gizmos and all-around great stuff, but now it’s up to you to pick which products deserve to be on Walmart’s shelves!

All of the entries for Walmart’s Get on the Shelf contest have been collected, each accompanying video is available for everyone to view, but before the Audition Round begins, Walmart is relying on the general public to discover the gems in the rough. Anyone can vote on their favorite new products once a day from now until September 2nd, 2013. The goodies great enough to win over the internet’s finicky fancies will move on, but don’t take my word for it! Check out some of the cool innovations and innovators in the following categories for yourself:

Health & Wellness/Sports
Home Improvement
Home Office
For Kids
Kitchen Gadgets
For Moms
Outdoor Home
For Pets

Click on a few videos, watch the inventors share their creations directly to you and give the best ideas a boost by taking a moment from browsing Hulu or tweeting about whether or not you should eat that week-old steak sitting in the fridge, and vote. But what are some of my personal favorites?

I think that Cuddle Barn’s “Talking Tom” is an adorable idea that blends the latest app technology with a classic fuzzy coating:

If you are disappointed that your child isn’t a human-reptile/amphibian hybrid, then you should probably vote for Animal Planet/Oxford Products’ Rattlesnake, Iguana and Tree Frog themed safety gear:

Good luck to all of the inventors, and kudos for making it this far! I’ll be sure to keep you up to date to see who ends up one step closer to the coveted Shelf, so stay tuned!

Click here for more information about the Get on the Shelf contest.