Want An Extra Touch Of Spice To Your Cuisine? Try A CinniBird!

There are times when you would like to add just an extra dash of flavor and a touch of creativity to your homemade food and drink? Something called a CinniBird Spice Pen is coming your way. It will allow you to draw and write on everything from a mug of hot cocoa with whipped cream to a baked lasagna with your choice of ground spices.

CinniBird Spice Pen (Image via Kickstarter)CinniBird Spice Pen (Image via Kickstarter)

The Spice Pen will make latte art a breeze and allow you to become a talented barista in your own home. You can take this talent into new realms with things like cinnamon, cocoa powder, paprika, pepper, powdered sugar, or any other ground spice. You can also use them to just create an awesome presentation on the plate for your culinary masterpieces. You can draw or write like a professional chef. 

CinniBird Spice Pen (Image via Kickstarter)CinniBird Spice Pen (Image via Kickstarter)

Balazs Oltvai is an industrial design engineer in Budaörs, Hungary, who has worked in a wide variety of areas of the design industry over the past dozen years. He and Reka Horvath have collaborated to create the CinniBird. Right now they are seeking modest funding on Kickstarter to be able to bring the clever gadget to you in the coming months. 

The CinniBird is super easy to operate. All you need to do is fill the pen with the ground herb or spice of your choosing, close it up, press the button, and go. You can become the Leonardo DaVinci of the kitchen. Not only that it can give you an extra excuse to use that spice grinder that you got as a wedding present or bought on a whim.

For best results all materials should be sifted before use. Then you can fill the CinniBird and dazzle your friends with your creative cuisine!

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