Want To Avoid Second-Hand Smoke In Japan?

Smoking remains a problem worldwide. While it is certainly a personal choice for those who smoke, it is not so much for those around them being forced to engage in the habit along with them. In Japan a new idea has cropped up to limit the amount of smoke that smokers share with the people around them. They are called smoking bells, glass bubbles, or smoking hoods. They were invented to help smokers and non-smokers alike.

Smoking Bells in Japan (Image via Imgur)Smoking Bells in Japan (Image via Imgur)

Despite all of the medical evidence that shows the health dangers of smoking and numerous anti-smoking campaigns, there are still approximately 1.2 billion smokers around the world, many of them very heavy smokers. Japan has spent a great deal of time and resources over the past 40 years to reduce the number of smokers, but few ideas have been quite as innovative as this one.

The smoking bells look much like an up-turned water glass and appear to have their own ventilation. It reminds me of the "cone of silence" from the old television show Get Smart. It doesn't appear to be very comfortable for the smoker and must certainly restrict the smoker's ability to communicate with others. It certainly would restrict the smoke inhaled by other restaurant and bar patrons, as well as servers.

Many areas of Japan, like Tokyo, have banned smoking in all public areas indoors and out. Over the past 40 years the number of smokers has dropped by 50%. This may mean that the smoking bells will only be a passing fad, but certainly one worth a chuckle while they are here.

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