Want To Be Able To REALLY See What You Are Eating?

Many of us are becoming more concerned about the food we put in our mouths -- and not without good reason. From how the food is raised to how well it is cleaned to the safety of the preparation we all need to be concerned that what ends up on our plate is healthy, clean, and contaminant free. For the more paranoid among us one design team has come up with the ultimate tool for food safety checks -- the Magnifying Spoon.

Magnifying Spoon (Image via It's Nice That)Magnifying Spoon (Image via It's Nice That)

While this may not have helped me much when I discovered a small metal ring in a hamburger last week, it could help someone do a careful check of their bowl of chili for hair, glass, dirt, or (ugh) bugs. I don't really think that our food supply is all that bad, but there are times when some chunks can't be identified and this spoon would make it easier to tell. Is that chunk really cauliflower or a big piece of fat?

Once you have found an acceptable portion of food you can use the same utensil to dig in and start eating. With some of the people I know this could lead to mealtimes becoming quite an extended time as they meticulously pick through their food. On the other hand, taking a Magnifying Spoon along to some restaurants it would make it easier to read some portions of the menu.

The spoon was designed by Ernesto D. Morales, Carlos Maldonado, and Juan Pablo Viedma, and is reportedly being made in a limited run by Object Solutions sometime this fall. It could be just the gift for someone who wears hats made out of aluminum foil. It would certainly be a unique gift for someone who has everything and would fill out their kitchen perfectly.

Magnifying Spoon (Image via Gizmodo)Magnifying Spoon (Image via Gizmodo)

Object Solutions may not be a real company so much as a website devoted to a tongue-in-cheek look at rampant consumerism. It features such other designs as a Full Body Moist Towel, a Lint Investment System, and a Rotisserie Patio Table. 

Honest to God, I know people who would seriously consider buying a Magnifying Spoon. I'm glad I also know other people who take their food on faith. I give this product three tongues up.

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