Want A Better Way To Store Veggies? Orka Vegetable Keep Sacks Will Keep Them

Buying food in bulk makes a lot of sense -- right up until is starts going bad because you didn't have the right way to store it. One environmentally friendly wat to do this is with the Vegetable Keep Sacks by Orka. Each sack is designed to keep your root vegetables fresh and unsprouted longer. Three different sizes are available for potatoes, onions, and garlic.

Vegetable Keep Sacks by OrkaVegetable Keep Sacks by Orka

Each sack is completely low tech and hangs up so that it takes up no cupboard or counter space. They work with drawstrings on top and bottom. You just load your veg into the top and tie up the string. To access your spuds, for example, you untie the bottom and let the two or three you need out and tie that end up again. This way you are always keeping the older potatoes in use before the newer ones and none of them end up looking like a shriveled mutant spider.

The bags are 100% cotton so that it breathes to prevent rot, and yet provides the darkness to prevent early sprouting. They are also machine washable so that you don't have to replace them once they are dirty enough to be planting the potatoes in them. 

The sack for potatoes holds up to eight pounds of potatoes. The sack for onions holds up to four pounds of the tasty veg. The smallest bag holds things like garlic and shallots and holds up to two pounds. 

The basic idea is to buy one of each for keeping your root vegetables fresh, but I see a few more of them in the kitchen. I would have at least three of the large ones for russet, red, and sweet potatoes. Then I would want to keep both red and yellow onions (at least), and just one of the little one. That last bit is just as long as the garlic and shallots don't mind rooming together.

Vegetable Keep Sacks by OrkaVegetable Keep Sacks by Orka

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While this design seems fairly old school, it is innovative and "revolutionary" enough for these sacks to have won a Gourmet Gold award in the category of Tabletop and Textiles 

To order the Potato Vegetable Keep Sack, click here. To order the Onion Vegetable Keep Sack, click here. To order the Garlic and Shallot Keep Sack, click here.

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