Want A Better Way To Wash Dishes? The DualWash Is Showing The Way

If there is one thing that most of us would like, aside from finding a genie in a bottle, it is a way to make household chores easier. A group of Turkish designers in association with Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH came up with a new kind of dishwasher that they dubbed the dualWash. It is mounted on the wall and doubles as a kitchen cabinet. The really innovative part of the design is that it washes the dishes without water.

dualWash (Image via Yanko Design)dualWash (Image via Yanko Design)

When the wash cycle is started, supercritical carbon dioxide in pumped into the cleaning chamber. This form of carbon dioxide has a lower surface tension than water so instead of balling up in spreads out to cover the surfaces. It flows around in the machine to clean all of the surfaces. Solid particles are deposited into the food particle filter. This filter can be removed and cleaned as needed.

Another problem with conventional dishwashers is not wanting to use all of the resources (electricity, water, and detergent) to do the dishes for just one person. This washer will take care of that. One side is for the small wash, while the other side is for when there are more around for a meal.

dualWash (Image via Yanko Design)dualWash (Image via Yanko Design)

As smaller homes are becoming an increasingly popular option for people, a dishwasher that is mounted on the wall and that doubles as cabinets is a welcome design. Not having water to leak out is another plus. If carbon dioxide escapes it will just make your houseplants happy.

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