Want To Call Attention To Your Beard? Add Some Wild Color

Last year men were sticking flowers in their beards to help show off their facial fur and at Christmas they were hanging decorations there. Now a new trend is emerging for men to dye their beards wild colors to bring attention to their testosterone tresses. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, and I can't see any of these guys working at the bank, but it certainly makes for some interesting looks.

Blue Boy (Image via Complex)Blue Boy (Image via Complex)

No color seems to be off limits -- nor any combination of colors. This may be the time to try to give chartreuse the chance to make a comeback.

 Purple Passion (Image via Complex)Purple Passion (Image via Complex)

Dyeing beards is not a new concept, but going to this extreme seems to be starting to trend. Maybe this is coming in on the heels of some not-so-furry men getting hair transplants onto their faces to create the beards they could not manage without help. 

 Rainbow Man (Image via Complex)Rainbow Man (Image via Complex)

Of course, real men are comfortable enough in their masculinity to sport their face fuzz in pink. Whoever said pink was just for girls anyway?

Think Pink (Image via Complex)Think Pink (Image via Complex)

"They call him Mellow Yellow. Quite rightly."

I'm Just Mad About Saffron (Image via Complex)I'm Just Mad About Saffron (Image via Complex)

Okay, I really love the bright green one, but I keep on getting the feeling that I need to mow the lawn.

Green Guy (Image via Complex)Green Guy (Image via Complex)

Some of these beards out there are really crazy and even creepy. Some of them are sharp and stylish. This is one of those beardly is in the eye of the beholder things. I would think that if you want to try something like this your might want to get some of that hair chalk and try some colors on for size first. At least then you can just wash out the bad choices.

What beard trend comes next? Paintings on beards? Flowers and color?  Glitter? Maybe 3-D printed beards? The sky is the limit.

Source: Complex