Want A Cookbook You Can Eat?

Just about everybody thinks they have got a cookbook in them so you have to have a pretty strong angle or gimmick to get one to actually sell. Even the "gimmicks" are running rather thin -- from every kind of diet plan under the sun to those for every charity under that same sun. The latest idea is a really tasty one -- literally. The novelty of this particular tome is that it is the one and only Edible Cookbook.

Edible Cookbook (Image via Gizmodo)Edible Cookbook (Image via Gizmodo)

The book was created by the German design firm Korefe and each page is a sheet of fresh pasta that goes into the making of a classic lasagna from scratch at home. Each page of the book has the recipe pressed into it and gets layered into the dish to be eaten.

Edible Cookbook (Image via Gizmodo)Edible Cookbook (Image via Gizmodo)

Don't be looking for this cookbook at the grocery store or in a bookstore around here any time soon. The book was designed exclusively for the German art and culinary focused Gerstenberg Publishing House.

Edible Cookbook (Image via Gizmodo)Edible Cookbook (Image via Gizmodo)

Whether you are a book lover or not, this is one book that has the happiest ending ever -- a lovely baked lasagna. It is possibly the only book cartoon cat Garfield would ever consider worthwhile.

The one drawback to this recipe is that to make it again you have to buy a whole new cookbook.

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