Want A Cool Way To Help You Teach Your Kids About Money?

One of the most important things that many parents struggle with as they raise their children is to instill in them a sense of financial responsibility. Once upon a time that meant just buying your kid a piggy bank. That worked up to a point, but finances are a bit more complicated than just stashing away a few bucks. To help your kids get a better handle on money you can get them a Moonjar Classic Moneybox to give them a better understanding of saving, sharing, and saving.

Moonjar Classic MoneyboxMoonjar Classic Moneybox

This clever set of three jars that band together into a single unit is a great tool for teaching your children about money and financial planning as you give them their allowance. Each section is labeled Save, Share, Spend so that you can educate them on the importance of each part of their financial responsibility. This can also be a way to throw in a little extra time on fractions and decimals. Okay, that last bit may be my father, the math teacher, talking.

Moonjar Classic MoneyboxMoonjar Classic Moneybox

The Moneybox even comes with a little passbook like banks used to have to help your child keep track of the money as it is deposited and withdrawn. Again, another chance to work on those important math skills (knock it off, Dad!). Seeing the money in print and watching it rise and fall can help your child learn to make important money-making decisions such as when something they want is too expensive.

Moonjar Classic MoneyboxMoonjar Classic Moneybox

To help your younger kids make the best use of the box you may want to pay them their allowance in dimes or quarters to make it easier to divide the funds among the sections. As they grow older you can go back to bills to help you teach them how to make change.

To order a Moonjar Classic Moneybox for your kid and his or her sound financial future, click here.

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