Want The Coolest Table In Infinity? Check Out The Infinitum Table!

The Infinitum Table by Louise-Anne van 't Riet is beautiful, elegant, and designed to look like there is a bottomless hole in your living room. However, it isn't just meant to be a fabulous piece of furniture. The table is designed to make sure that people tidy up after themselves. It only turns on when you set something down on it. Likewise it only turns off when you remove items on the top.

Infinitum Table (Image via MocoLoco)Infinitum Table (Image via MocoLoco)

"Some people never tidy up; why not teach them to do so by designing a playful and beautiful reminder?" says van 't Riet on her website. It is an interesting take on the problem, I am one of these people she hopes to help and I can say that I love the table, but I am just as inclined to move stuff from the table to the floor. Still, I admire her shot at trying to get people like me to tidy up.

Infinitum Table (Image via Louvtr)Infinitum Table (Image via Louvtr)

The infinity aspect of the table to give the illusion of an endless hole is the work of a set of Plexiglas mirrors. The LED lights reflect back and forth to create the illusion. A piezo sensor works the lights by sensing the vibrations when something is placed on the table. The vibrations are converted into energy to trigger the sensor. The whole thing is powered by an Arduino (a tiny open-source computer). The Arduino is accessible through the underside of the table.

 Infinitum Table (Image via Louvtr)Infinitum Table (Image via Louvtr)

I would love to have one of these tables to grace my living room with its loveliness. I would love it even more if it actually did teach me to put my stuff away.

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