Want This Creative Project? DIY Star Wars Origami

Origami is an ancient and venerated art form from Japan. Most of us have done origami at some point in our lives -- even if it was just folding a paper plane. We're familiar with the standard paper cranes and swans but recently the art form has become overrun with Star Wars imagery. While some of it is strictly for the professionals, there are some great designs you can make with your kids in the book Star Wars Origami.

Star Wars OrigamiStar Wars Origami

With the instructions in this book you will be able to fold 36 different Star Wars projects including the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon. The book includes an overview of basic origami techniques, as well as detailed diagrams showing how to accomplish each project.

Star Wars OrigamiStar Wars Origami

Kids love origami and this book not only puts a fun spin on the art, it also rates each project for the degree of difficulty. That way your child can work his or her way from Youngling, to Padawan, to Jedi Knight, and even all the way to Jedi Master. I'll bet you never knew that you could become a Jedi Master of origami! Neither did I.

Star Wars Origami -- Millennium FalconStar Wars Origami -- Millennium Falcon

Author Chris Alexander is a master folder and has authored other books on origami -- Difficult Origami and Sort-of-Difficult Origami. His big dream is to become the best origami artist ever. Alexander has been doing origami since the age of four and never looked back. He has created more than 150 original origami designs since he started.

"May the Folds be with you!"

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Star Wars Origami -- Death StarStar Wars Origami -- Death Star

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