Want A Cute And Cozy Wedding Chapel? Rent An Inflatable One

The range of inflatable things you can buy or rent is getting pretty amazing and going way beyond bouncy houses for kids' parties. You can rent a large tent for parties -- which is a little boring. You can also rent a pub for an awesome party. For couples planning a wedding both of those things may come in handy for a reception. For an awesome place to hold a small romantic wedding they can actually rent an inflatable church.

Inflatable Church (Image via Facebook)Inflatable Church (Image via Facebook)

Of course, this cool inflatable church doesn't have to be just for weddings. You could also use the church for christenings, memorial services, or vigils. Some people even use them for parties. Since the company offering this church is based in England this is not a cheap alternative, but it is certainly a memorable one. Fortunately this company does ship the church around the world for use.

There is a great attention to detail with this church. It comes complete with stained glass windows, an altar, pulpit, cross, candles, pews, and an organ. These last few accoutrements seem to be of optional use since they are not in all of the photos.

 Inflatable Church (Image via Xtreme Inflatables)Inflatable Church (Image via Xtreme Inflatables)

The exterior is a detailed representation of an ancient church and measures approximately 23 ft. high 21 ft. wide. The only thing that seems to be missing is a bell in the tower, but you can fake that with a recording. The church can be set up in two hours and taken down in one. 

One of the good things about this awesome inflatable church is that I have never heard about one blowing away with people in it as I have the bouncy castles. Perhaps this is the lack of an inflatable floor to make it more buoyant.

Inflatable Church (Image via Xtreme Inflatables)Inflatable Church (Image via Xtreme Inflatables)

Now, if I was going to set up an inflatable church for a wedding, I would have the reception right there on the same site. That would lead me to set up the inflatable pub near by. There is also an option for an inflatable night club, or an inflatable bar. If the church is too small you can set up an amphitheater with the Roman Coliseum.

Inflatables have come a long way since beach balls and the clown you used to punch out as a kid.

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