Want To Decorate Mystically? Try A Quija Board

There are times when you just need the right basic pieces for a room to really set the tone for the room's purpose. So when you are in need of decorating that special space where you want to keep your books on mysticism and spirituality, display your crystals, and work on communicating with the dead, then a Ouija Board Rug and Coffee Table may be just the thing for you.

 Ouija Board Rug and Coffee Table Image via Geekologie)Ouija Board Rug and Coffee Table Image via Geekologie)

The Ouija Board is a parlor game of sorts that became popular in the latter part of the 19th century as it was taken up by people interesting in mysticism and spiritualism. The idea is to use it as a tool to communicate with the spirits of the dead for guidance and to ask questions. To this day there are people who treat the simple toy as a danger to good, faithful Christians.

In this rendition it is more decorative than practical since it would probably be rather difficult to get the spirits to move the coffee table around the rug to receive a message. Using the vacuum as you clean would probably be easier. However, this rug and table would be the perfect backdrop for your séances. You could add a few throw pillows for meditation.

Original Quija Board, 1891 (Public Domain Image)Original Quija Board, 1891 (Public Domain Image)

It is certainly a decorative design choice that is not to everyone's taste. That is not a problem since the rug and table are merely a clever concept created by Dave Delisle of Dave's Geeky Ideas. Of course, if you really like this design and have the bucks to buy it you can contact Tom Spina Designs to see about ordering it to be made.

On the whole I would love to have this, but I would be totally freaked out if the coffee table started moving around on its own.

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