Want An Easier Way To Hand Wash Laundry? The Scrubba Wash Bag Will Do It

There are just times, for whatever reason, you just have to wash out a few things by hand. This is not always the easiest chore to accomplish efficiently. That is until the Scrubba Wash Bag came onto the market. It is billed as the world's smallest washing machine. It is ideal for use both at home and on the road, and is completely portable. It is foldable and weighs just 5 ounces.

The Scrubba Wash BagThe Scrubba Wash Bag

The Scrubba was invented by Australian patent lawyer, Ashley Newland. He was about to do a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro and needed to come up with a way to not haul an entire wardrobe with him. He knew that he would need to be doing laundry frequently and facilities even such as a sink would be scarce. So he came up with a way to do laundry quickly and easily no matter where he would be.

While it looks like it is just a bag, it is actually much more than that. There is a thin and very flexible lining in the bag that is loaded with small nodules. This acts as a sort of modern-day wash board to help scrub your clothes. This also saves you from having to go down to the creek and beat your clothes against a rock. It has a window so that you can see how your clothes are coming along.

The Scrubba Wash Bag BackThe Scrubba Wash Bag Back

Amazingly you even have the choice between a small and a large wash. The level is marked on the bag for you. It uses just two to three liters of water (repeat for rinsing) and works with whatever soap you have available -- from shampoo and body wash to dish detergent and laundry soap. Circular grips on the back of the bag help hold it in place while washing.

All you have to do is fill the bag with clothes, water, and soap, then expel the excess air, and start scrubbing. Repeat the process without soap to rinse. It reportedly gives you a machine-quality wash for a few minutes of your time.

The Scrubba is great for travel and camping, but also a handy tool for those who live in small apartments and tiny homes. When a trip to the laundromat will just not fit into the schedule the Scrubba will help get you by.

To order a Scrubba for yourself or a laundry-challenged friend, click here.

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