Want An Easier Way To Peel Garlic? A Garlic Shaker May Be Just The Thing!

We have some a long way from the mainly meat and potatoes diet of the 1950s. We have developed a love affair with garlic and a major frustration with trying to peel the individual cloves. Countless ways to make it easier have been devised, but they all seem to fall short. The newest answer to the peeling problem is the Garlic Shaker.

Garlic Shaker (Image via Home Crux)Garlic Shaker (Image via Home Crux)

This simple tool uses physics and ergonomic design to make quick work of peeling the cloves. The device is basically a cylinder that can be opened at both ends for easy cleaning (including in the top rack of the dishwasher). To use all you have to do is break apart a bulb of garlic and toss the cloves into the Garlic Shaker. Make sure both ends are closed firmly and then shake for 10 to 30 seconds (Oooo! aerobics while you cook!). Then open one end and pour out the contents. Your garlic cloves are ready to use.

Garlic Shaker (Image via Home Crux)Garlic Shaker (Image via Home Crux)

Naturally I discovered this handy new gadget the day after I had been struggling to peel garlic cloves and ended up with hands that smelled like an Italian kitchen. Fortunately I don't mind that part, but the cat was a little put off. So my interest in this item was immediately piqued.


Sadly, we cannot just run out and buy a Garlic Shaker -- yet. It is currently a project seeking funding on Kickstarter to be able to go into production. The good news here is that even with more than a month to go on the campaign they have already reached and surpassed their goal.

If you want to be among the first to shake your garlic you can support the campaign by clicking here. Otherwise we can all be anxiously waiting to purchase them when they hit the market.

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