Want The Easiest Terrarium In The World?

Having green plants your environment is what helps make a house a home. It can also make you more at home in your work space. However, not everyone has a green thumb or the attention span necessary to keep watering a thirsty plant. With a Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit you can look like you actually have a talent for gardening.

 Hanging Air Plant Terrarium KitHanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit

This kit includes a Tillandsia plant, a.k.a. an air plant, in the form of a voucher so that it can be shipped to you fresh when you are ready for it. Along with the air plant and the glass bubble you receive specially preserved mosses, black lichen, and decorative rocks. 

Hanging Air Plant Terrarium KitHanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit

You get to put the whole thing together the way you want it. I could see adding a couple of tiny seashells or a very small plastic dinosaur for a personal touch. Then you can use the included twine to hang this unique terrarium in any spot with indirect sunlight in your home. The glass globe is also designed so that it can be set on a table top so that it can be placed at bedside, or even on your desk at work.

Hanging Air Plant Terrarium KitHanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit

The only upkeep that is required is for you to give the air plant a spritz of water with the atomizer that comes in the kit about once a week. No mowing, trimming, or pruning required. No damage to furniture or carpets from over-watering.

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