Want An Easy Way To Replace A Button On The Run?

Buttons have been around on clothing for more than 4,000 years. After all that time they still manage to fall off at the most inopportune moment when there is not a needle and thread anywhere nearby. Even if there are, you don't always have the time necessary to thread a needle and get sewing before you will be late for an important meeting. That is why a couple of designers have come up with The Clip Button.

The Clip Button (Image via Yanko Design)The Clip Button (Image via Yanko Design)

Even though newer inventions like zippers and Velcro have changed the way we can fasten clothing, we still seem enamored with the simple elegance of a button. They have even become small works of functional art that we can use to adorn our clothing.

Designers Yeon Hee Jung & Kyung Soo Kim realized that this was a problem that was not just going to go away on its own and it was up to them to come up with a quick and easy solution. This transcends the use of paper clips and safety pins to try to close a bad case of "gaposis" in your clothing.

The Clip Button (Image via Yanko Design)The Clip Button (Image via Yanko Design)

The Clip Button is simply that -- a button that clips into the place where the old button has done a runner on you. It can be attached to the label of your shirt for easy access in an emergency. It clips on as easily as a paper clip. This allows you to go about your day as usual and then mend your shirt when you have the time to do it properly. Then the emergency button goes back into hiding until the next time.

Unfortunately, this clever design is still in the concept stage. Hopefully someone will pick up on Yeon Hee Jung & Kyung Soo Kim's design and work with them to bring it to reality -- and soon!

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