Want To Eat Enough Pasta To Choke A T-Rex? Use T-Rex Pasta Tools

There are all sorts of ways to measure pasta out so that you have just the right amount. Of course most of them are really just functional and boring. It doesn't have to be like that. With the I Could Eat A T-Rex Pasta Measurer you can add a whole lot of fun to your kitchen and cuisine. Make pasta with Italian sausage and you can spend dinnertime making puns about Jurassic Pork.

I Could Eat A T-Rex Pasta MeasurerI Could Eat A T-Rex Pasta Measurer

The red acrylic tool allows you to measure spaghetti, linguini, and angel hair pasta from a child-sized portion all the way up to a t-rex sized portion. The t-rex size is actually the measure for four people. Other measurements also include a man and a woman.

The funny part of this tool is that it is not just that the holes are in the images of a t-rex and three people. It is that it is the image of a t-rex chasing the images of three terrified people on the run for their lives.  It can really cheer up a boring time cooking yet another meal. This could also help entice the kids into learning how to cook.

Pastasaurus Pasta ServerPastasaurus Pasta Server

When it comes to serving up your Jurassic Pasta you can keep the joke running with a Pastasaurus pasta server. This will be especially thrilling for the kids in your home to see half of a t-rex head dishing up the noodles.

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So what kind of wine would I recommend to go with a t-rex pasta? Why a full-bodies blood red with a strong bite, of course.

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