Want To Eat Tim Tebow Up? Have A Pretzel

The news that quarterback Tim Tebow has made it back into the NFL after several years by signing with the Philadelphia Eagles has astounded the country. What is even more astounding is that one company -- the Philly Pretzel Factory -- has already come out with a food tribute to the athlete. They have created a pretzel in the shape of Tebow doing his iconic touchdown move.

The Tim Tebow Pretzel (Image via Twitter)The Tim Tebow Pretzel (Image via Twitter)

The company sent a whole box of the custom pretzels over to the Eagles and they are selling for $1 each at their Mayfair location in Philadelphia. Their other locations can handle custom pre-orders of the pretzel. With a little luck and the return of Tebow's popularity the pretzel will become a staple on Sundays later this year. That would be a huge boon to the company and its franchisees.

Ed McCaffrey's Mustard and Sauce (Image via Westword)Ed McCaffrey's Mustard and Sauce (Image via Westword)

Other than the shape there is nothing truly unusual about this tasty soft pretzel, but that's all it takes sometimes to create a craze. As a Broncos' fan I would certainly taste our former quarter back, but I would probably balance it out with some mustard from former wide receiver Ed McCaffrey. Just sayin'.

I think I would start with the head. Ha!

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