Want To Eat Your Home Fries Fast Food Style? Get Fry Holders

One of the favorite foods in the country is French fries and we seem to love eating them out of those little cardboard containers. You can add that sense of fast food experience to your fries at home with one of these fun and stylish French Fry Holders. These are actually dishes so that you aren't filling up landfills and you can make healthier fries at home.

French Fry HolderFrench Fry Holder

Your famous low-fat oven fries will look great in one of these holders, and get the kids to think that they really are just like fries on the run. You can even push the envelope and use these dishes for carrot and celery sticks, pickle spears, pretzel sticks and any other healthy food that can be cut into stick shapes.

Of course if you aren't all that into healthy you can also use it for onion rings, sweet potato fries, or fried pickles pears. Let us not forget hybrids like fried green beans.

French Fry HolderFrench Fry Holder

The holders are made of porcelain, so they are easy to clean and can be warmed or chilled ahead of time like plates. While the shape was inspired by fast food containers, these are far more polished and elegant looking. You can use them to add more fun to more formal occasions as well as the kids' lunches.

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