Want Endless Bubble Wrap Popping At Your Finger Tips?

There is just something about bubble wrap that makes you love it or hate it -- well, when it comes to popping anyway. There are those of us who just adore popping those little bubbles (guilty!) and those who just hate it when we go popping away (my brother). The main problem is that there are only so many bubbles. Well, now you can pop away as a way to de-stress with an Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain.

Electronic Bubble Wrap KeychainElectronic Bubble Wrap Keychain

This delightful little gadget has eight rubbery little bubble keys on it that "pop" when you press them. It is just the thing to while away all those hours you spend standing in line or waiting in offices. Granted it will drive everyone around you nuts, but it will help keep your cool. 

Electronic Bubble Wrap KeychainElectronic Bubble Wrap Keychain

There is one little hidden surprise in this innocuous looking key chair. Every 100th pop is not a pop at all, but a random noise such as a boing, a bark, or other rude noise (let there be a burp in there!).

With Christmas coming this is a dandy idea for a stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift at work. To order one now click here, or click here.

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