Want To Enjoy Your Food More? Get A Dog Nose

Woof! It is well known that dogs have a far superior sense of smell to that of humans. There is now a product coming on the market that will help you have more of a canine sense of smell so that you can taste your food more fully. It is called the Olfactic Dog Nose. You soak it in warm water and wear it for about ten minutes before eating, which is fine if you don't mind looking like some strange Goth clown in the restaurant while waiting for your meal.

Charlie Harry Francis in his Olfactic Dog Nose (Image via Daily Meal)Charlie Harry Francis in his Olfactic Dog Nose (Image via Daily Meal)

The basic function of this little device, other than to challenge your self esteem over your appearance, is to moisten the nasal cavity to totally enhance your sense of smell and thereby the flavor of your food. Anyone who has ever met a dog knows how wet that nose can be, so there may be something to this little gadget.

The nose was created by Charlie Harry Francis, who has been called the Willy Wonka of the gourmet food world. This man is known for such inventions as glow in the dark ice cream and edible mist.

According to Francis, the nose works by creating a moist buffer between your nasal passages and the air you breathe. This moistens the mucus membranes in your nasal passages and dislodges any irritants or impurities. Then the odorants in the food can be dissolved into the mucus lining so that they may be better processed by your olfactory receptors.

The device is a part of Francis's Human Cookbook campaign to teach us how to better and more fully experience food through a variety of small exercises. 

Francis was raised by his ice cream making father and his confectioner mother and he wants to bring both of these things to the world in new ways. He calls himself the Edible Inventor and features his work on his website "Lick Me I'm Delicious."

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