Want A Garden On Your Wall?

Not everyone has a lot of room to do any gardening and sometimes the standard indoor plants can seem a bit, well, tame. Go beyond the ubiquitous spider plants and bamboo! The main thing most people overlook when they are running tight is vertical space. With a Succulent Plant Living Wall Kit you can have a few square inches of garden to hang on a vertical space.

 Succulent Plant Living Wall KitSucculent Plant Living Wall Kit

With this fun kit you will really get your garden off the ground -- literally. It comes with a frame made of reclaimed wood so it has a nice, homey, rustic look while helping save trees. The garden can be hung indoors or out so that even apartment dwellers can enjoy tending this tiny plot of earth.

The kit comes with everything you need to plant and tend your garden except water and light. The soil is held in place in the frame with a layer of moss to help with water conservation and a light mesh. Twenty succulent cuttings come with the kit and require immediate horizontal planting. It takes about 8-12 weeks for the cuttings to take root well enough for the garden to be hung.

Once the plants are well-rooted and the garden is hung the only thing you need to do is water it occasionally with a fine mist. It can be kept fairly dry so it should never be dripping on your wall or carpet. Once in a while you can pinch off excess growth to keep it from getting out of hand. Overall succulents are fairly easy to grow so you don't need to have the greenest thumb in the world to make this a success.

Naturally complete instructions come with the kit and with a bit of care your vertical garden should be a pleasing part of your home for years to come. To order your own Succulent Plant Living Wall Kit, click here.

Oct 22, 2014
by Alicia Zuberbier

It's so cute!

It's so cute!

Oct 22, 2014
by Serena Dorman
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I love this, I want a live

I love this, I want a live wall garden so bad.

Serena Dorman

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