Want To Wear A Little Privacy? Try Nutshell

There are times when you just need a little privacy on the fly, no matter where you are. One designer, Eden Lew, at the New York City School for Visual Arts, has come up with a solution that she calls the Nutshell. It is a hood in which you can cloak yourself for a little immediate privacy in the middle of your day. Yep. That's privacy in a nutshell.

Nutshell (Image via Eden Lew)Nutshell (Image via Eden Lew)

Lew created the Nutshell for her Affirmative Artifacts class. It is a speculative project aimed at reducing stress and providing a sort of respite from life is heavy urban areas. The assignment was to create something from the next thing they threw out. Lew took that sandwich wrapper on an odyssey of the mind that, after seven weeks of prototyping and branding, became the Nutshell. And, despite what the photo says, this is not available from the Container Store.

 Nutshell (Image via Eden Lew)Nutshell (Image via Eden Lew)

The thought-provoking item promotes the benefits of solitude. Lew imagined further and came up with the idea of a company called Nutshell Labs which has multiple lines of products and services promoting solitude and welbeing. The hoods can be used for private lunching, a quick power nap, or a bit of meditation to de-stress.

The whole thing has a definite tongue-in-cheek bent to it that suggests that we are moving into a dystopian sort of society where we are desperate to be alone, even if it is only in the confines of a fabric hood. Instead of The Hunger Games this could be The Nutshell Solution. Perhaps it could even could become a way to give someone solitary confinement in over-crowded prisons.

Gimme a break! I can't decide if I would prefer suffocating in one of these Nutshells or hiding out in one of the stalls in the ladies room for a bit of privacy. For now I think I'll just keep living in my head. At least I can breathe in there.

Whether the Nutshell is a practical (or even real) product or not, it is certainly food for thought -- and I can't say I'm not curious enough to give it a try. I would also be interested to know if this attracts squirrels.

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Nutshell Project Progression (Image Via SVA)Nutshell Project Progression (Image Via SVA)