Want To Give Your Brain A New Workout?

There is something compelling and addicting about games that stimulate our brains. From Instant Insanity to Rubik's Cube they drive us absolutely crazy. One of the more recent games to head our brains' way is called Brainstring and, as its name suggests, it comes with strings attached. The game requires you to bunch the colored pegs together while not getting the strings in a knot -- or your knickers in a twist.


This little puzzle comes to us from Dutch inventor Guido Lap. It is designed to take your spatial reasoning to new limits. Lap has spent years working with a variety of different inventors to come up with a number of different brain puzzles that are smart, unique, and creatively designed.  His puzzles are popular with puzzle fanatics around the world.

The Brainstring consists of elastic bands which connect colored buttons on opposite sides of a clear plastic ball. The object of the puzzle is to group the buttons together by color by sliding them along the openings cut in the ball.  The catch is that you must do it while not getting the bands tied up in knots. This is a fun brain-twisting test for kids of all ages and a great way to give the old gray matter a serious workout.

To order a Brainstring for yourself or for your favorite puzzle enthusiast, click here.

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