Want Grilling To Be Even More Of A "Guy Thing?" Use Lava!

The one part of cooking that most, if not all, men believe falls under the male purview it is grilling. It is a form of cooking that is heavy on equipment and shiny tools. If there is one way to make this activity even manlier it would be to use more power -- as in volcanic power. As a part of Syracuse University's Lava Project two guys decided to put the power of molten rock to the test -- with some steaks, salmon, and hot dogs.

Lava Steak (You Tube Image)Lava Steak (You Tube Image)

The experiment was a collaboration of the talents of geologist Jeff Karson and sculptor Bob Wysocki, both on the staff of the prestigious university. They created a manmade lava from the same basalt rock that is found on the ocean floor and in the volcanoes of Hawaii and Iceland. 

Lava Steak (You Tube Image)Lava Steak (You Tube Image)

While the scientific benefit of this experiment is not immediately identifiable, it does show that steaks, salmon, and hot dogs can be cooked to a crisp in less than six minutes. I could find no reports on what the hypothesis behind the experiment was or what conclusions were drawn afterwards. Perhaps it was just a stunt to help increase donations to the school.

Either way it is cool and totally hot. Gone were the cheesy aprons and limp chef's hats. Protective gear was required to handle things with lava temps over 1000 degrees. Dinner was basically blackened everything. Suffice it to say that we won't be starting to hold barbecues on the lip of Kilauea's caldera anytime soon.

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