Want Guitar Picks Recycled From Yesteryear?

The music industry was built on mountains of vinyl, or stacks of wax as they used to be called. Those old records have been filling up landfills for decades now as they have gotten broken, worn out, or were just plain discarded. One company has taken these old and no longer viable platters and started making them into Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks for your music-making pleasure.

 Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar PicksRecycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks

Just imagine creating your own music with a guitar pick that might just include a tiny snippet of music by the Beatles, the Stones, or Jimi Hendrix. On the other hand you also might get a bit of some little known barbershop quartet. Either way it is a tiny piece of music history that has been recycled to create new music handed down through you.

These picks are hand cut from vinyl records that are no longer viable and the edges are also smoothed by hand for a comfortable feel. The gauge varies from 1.25 to 1.55 mm depending on the records that they are taken from. The patterns on each pick will be as varied as the record tracks and direction they are cut from. Each pack contains 6 picks.

Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar PicksRecycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks

Reportedly, these picks create a crisper and cleaner sound than boring old nylon picks. However, according to one customer comment, they don't stand up well to the intense playing of heavy metal guitar. They still seem to be idea for playing acoustical guitars for folk songs and classic rock and roll.

To order your own Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks so that you can rock out with a piece of music history, click here.