Want To Have Plates That Really Rock? Lava Should Do It

Two designers, Caterina Moretti and Ana Saldana, at the design firm Peca in Guadalajara, Mexico, have come up with LAVA, a set of plates hand carved from volcanic rock. While the style has a decidedly contemporary look, they are meant to harken back to ancient times when making items from cooled lava was just a part of life. Back then the results of a lava flow were used for everything from simple utensils and dishes, to the heads for arrows and spears.

LAVA (Image via Peca)LAVA (Image via Peca)

Each set consists of three plates -- two round and one elliptical. The smaller of the round plates comes with a brass accent that acts as a candle holder so that a little ancient atmosphere can be added to a dinner party using the plates. The design and material lends itself well to theme meals for both a Mexican fiesta and a Pacific Islands luau.

LAVA (Image via Peca)LAVA (Image via Peca)

When the set is stacked together the set of plates create an eye-catching arrangement that can be used as a decorative accent for your living or dining areas. To put tongue firmly in cheek, LAVA is something of a "Magma Opus" for the designers. 

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