Want Help Coming Up With Better Insults? Consult An Insult Generator

There are just times in your life when you want better and more colorful insults than the usual expletives. There are times when you can't stand your kids calling each other Buffalo Breath and Pizza Face one more time. What are you to do? Well, The Insultinator is your answer with three categories of words that can add up to more than 54,000 insults. Enough for a lifetime.

The Insultinator (Image via YouTube)The Insultinator (Image via YouTube)

Whether you are in the market for insults such as "devil-worshipping hamster juggler," "crusty toad pirate," or "deep-fried scab nibbler," or something a bit more nasty like "creepy pickle nibbler," or "captain poop nuggets," you can have a great time coming up with some truly crazy things to call people.

Since this comes as a dandy book (which doubles as a perpetual calendar) you won't need to worry about making sure the batteries are working. You also have more control over creating the insults you want over just receiving them randomly if you choose. Use the book to create a fun family game that will give you all the giggles, or keep it on your desk at work to come up with just the right insult for that annoying coworker.

 The Insultinator (Image via YouTube)The Insultinator (Image via YouTube)

The book is spiral bound for easy page flipping and the pages are made of a sturdy card stock to stand up to some serious wear and tear as you play with it. It also has a base so that you can stand it up on your desk or living room end table. This would be a great toy to keep in the back seat for kids on a long road trip as they try to out insult one another and get the giggles.

The creator of the book, Kay Kropp, is seeking funding for this fun item on Kickstarter. You can support the campaign in exchange for one of these great books, or for the X-rated version, or, if you've really got the bucks, for a version where you get to choose the words yourself. Just think about what a great gift item this would be in the future for all the nut jobs in your life!

If you want to consider backing The Insultinator, you slobbering poop biscuit you, click here.