Want A Highly Portable Solar Lantern?

We have become so used to having light at the flip of a switch that it can be a little alarming to find that the power has gone out. It can even be a little challenging when we go camping and know that we are going to be dealing with darkness. With a Solar Air Lantern we can be prepared to light things up again in a different way with an array of LED lights and a reflector.

Solar Air LanternSolar Air Lantern

These lanterns are flat until you need them. Then they are opened up, inflated, and turned on. The solar charge can keep the lantern going for up to 12 hours. Once it is charged up it will retain that charge for up to three years.

Solar Air LanternSolar Air Lantern

There are also three different light settings -- bright, brighter, and emergency flash. The lantern is also waterproof so that you don't need to worry about rainy weather knocking out the light.

Solar Air LanternSolar Air Lantern

There are handles at each end so that the lantern is easy to hang. Not only that, it floats. This is a great and handy light source to keep in your home, car, boat, or RV. It is also great for packing in your backpack for camping trips, not to mention a must have for your bug out bag.

To order your own Solar Air Lantern or to give one as a gift for that practical gift lover, click here.

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