Want An Inflatable Backpack For Travel Comfort?

There are times when you really need somewhere comfortable to rest your head or some cushioning to sit on and all you have with you is your backpack. It can be pretty lumpy as a pillow and not a very comfy seat. One company is planning to change that with their new invention -- the Windcatcher Air Pakk -- a self-inflating backpack that can become a place to rest your weary bones while you are on the run.

Windcatcher Air PakkWindcatcher Air Pakk

The self-inflating backpack can double as a pillow for a quick nap at your desk or in a study carrel. Open it up halfway and you have a cushioned seat to allow you more comfort than sitting on the floor or ground. Open it up all of the way and you have a sort of mini-mattress that you can stretch out on for a real rest while awaiting a delayed flight or just hanging in the park.

You can also use the inflation for a great way to keep you laptop, tablet, or other electronics safe and stable during travel. Check out the video below to see the test in which they pack an egg and then bounce it around with serious energy.

Windcatcher Air PakkWindcatcher Air Pakk

You can adjust the amount of padding you want from .25" to 2" so that you can have just what you need. The Air Pakk's Quick Cover is removable and can be swiftly unzipped to act as a clean place to set your stuff while you are making use of the backpack's more restful amenities. The pack also makes use of a lay-flat zipper so that you won't be struggling to find a comfortable spot around all those tiny pieces of metal.

One of the other cool things about this backpack is that you can choose just what kind you want it to be.  The straps can be reconfigured so that you can either have a standard backpack or a messenger bag. It does not appear to have a fanny pack option, but I doubt that anyone really wants to carry a full-sized pack at their waist.

The Air Pakk isn't available just yet. The company is seeking funding on Kickstarter to start production. With just a few days to go on their campaign they have already raised the money they were seeking and then some.

The company has already had one successful Kickstarter campaign to create their Air Pad 2. The Air Pakk and the Air Pad 2 are a great team for comfortable resting.

Source: Kickstarter