Want an iPhone Screen That Doesn't Break So Easily? Gorilla Glass May Be The Answer

If there is one concern that all iPhone users share is that of the safety of their phone's screen. To drop the phone in the midst of its use can leave you feeling completely disconnected from society, not to mention in need of a new phone. Corning has developed a new Gorilla Glass that can keep your iPhone safe in a drop from the height of a meter.

A Man Using His Cell Phone (Image by Tim Parkinson/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)A Man Using His Cell Phone (Image by Tim Parkinson/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)

Corning, the company behind the glass screens of the Apple iPhone and a number of other cell phones, has created new Gorilla Glass 4. This new version is reported to be twice as strong as the previous version. In the meter high drop test the glass survived 80% of the time. Gorilla Glass 4 has already gone to the manufacturer.

Gorilla Glass has outperformed all other kinds of glass since it was first introduced in 2007 and Corning continues to push the envelope on how strong the glass can be. With Gorilla Glass 4 they focused most on sharp impact damage, which is the greatest cause of iPhone screen damage.

Corning scientists examined hundreds of broken devices and discovered that sharp impacts were the cause of breaking in more than 70% of the cases. From that the scientists created new drop-test machines to simulate real-world events that would lead to breakage.

The new Gorilla Glass could start showing up in iPhones within the new few months.

Source: Mail Online