Want To Keep You Hands "Toasty" Warm While On The Computer?

Cold weather is closer than we like to think. For some it is as close as someone turning on the air conditioning. When you are working at the computer it is really easy to end up with freezing cold hands for some reason. One great way to keep your hands toasty warm is with these cool Toasty Handwarmers. Not only are they warm as toast, they are pretty damn adorable too.

Original USB Toasty HandwarmersOriginal USB Toasty Handwarmers

The company, Smoko, started out with USB hand warmers that kept you tethered to your computer. Last year they succeeded with a Kickstarter campaign to start making and marketing wireless Toasty Handwarmers. The company raised nearly double the funds they were seeking to be able to bring the product to the people.

Wireless Toasty HandwarmersWireless Toasty Handwarmers

The clever design wraps around the wrist with the "toast" with the heating pads inside coming up over the back of the hands, leaving the fingers free to fly across the keyboard -- a chore made easier by those same fingers not being ice cold. 

Toasty HandwarmersToasty Handwarmers

While the original design was popular and sold well, there is nothing like not being at risk of getting tangled in USB cords, so the wireless version is definitely welcome. To order warm hands, er, Toasty Handwarmers, for yourself, click here.

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