Want To Keep Your Valuables Extra Safe While You Sleep?

Security is something on everyone's mind these days from the problem of identity theft to the loss of personal property. While some people have the resources to put in serious safes to keep their valuables from thieves the rest of us have to resort to more creative means. This cool Privacy Pillow is a great way to keep your valuables hidden away and close at hand.

Privacy PillowPrivacy Pillow

This standard-sized pillow looks like any other lying neatly on the bed but it has a secret compartment hidden inside where you can keep whatever small things you need to keep safe -- such as jewelry, important papers, or that tell-all diary you need to keep from prying eyes. This compartment is undetectable. If you don't know it is there you can't tell that this isn't an ordinary pillow.

The pillow has a soft polyester cover and acts as a regular pillow. A special patented safety seal keeps things securely in place while you sleep. The compartment is made of faux leather and easily wipes clean if you need to tidy it up.

Privacy Pillow Cutaway ViewPrivacy Pillow Cutaway View

What you place in the pillow is up to you. You can keep a flash drive with your latest novel on it in case your computer crashes. You can get one for your kid to put his or her teeth in so that the tooth fairy can find them more easily. Got the flu? Load it up with tissues and cough drops. Put that book and book light in there to have them on hand for sleepless nights. Whatever you could use in a pillow you can achieve with the Privacy Pillow.

To order a Privacy Pillow for yourself or as a gift for your favorite paranoid person, click here.

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