Want A Kit To Help You Survive Public Restrooms?

Public restrooms are the source of a great deal of trepidation for many of us. This is especially true for women since we are always faced with sitting down. You can't be sure that the toilet seat covers have been restocked, that the bathroom has been cleaned often enough, or if they have been cleaned at all. To that end you can purchase a Public Toilet Survival Kit.

Public Toilet Survival KitPublic Toilet Survival Kit

I have been carrying around anti-bacterial wipes and a tiny can of Lysol for years for just such occasions although this habit was created from finding myself in many mountain outhouses in my area. They often make public toilets look positively sparkling. A small kit like this would make things easier to find at the bottom of my purse or backpack.

Each survival kit comes equipped with a paper toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes, and a pair of disposable latex-free gloves. This is only enough for one big emergency or a couple of smaller ones. No problem! You can also purchase more seat covers and antiseptic wipes to replenish your kit.

Public Toilet Survival KitPublic Toilet Survival Kit

You may not need to use a survival kit all that often, but you will be very glad you have it when the situation calls for it. It is better to be safe than sorry with some of the bacteria and viruses hanging around out there. It also makes a great (and for some people funny) stocking stuffer when Christmas rolls around.

To order a Public Toilet Survival Kit, click here.

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